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This lovely Morris 8 arrived in a drivable condition but minus the interior.

We stripped the car down removing doors, wings and all exterior trim.

The car was removed of all paint which exposed numerous previous repairs, of varying quality and lots of filler.

All filler was removed followed by comprehensive repair and fabrication work to the rear tub and sills.

The doors were realigned to get the shut lines tidier and most importantly to stop the door springing open when they weren’t asked to!

We also carried out some fabrication work to the radiator mounts.

Once she was put back together she was treated to a non-standard Grey Pearl Metallic, slightly darker than the original Lancia silver/grey.

The customer spotted it on another car (we can’t for the life of us remember which) and thought it would be perfect for his VX… we tend to agree.

From start to finish

Work we’re proud to…restore, revive, repair and modify

On your the start

Stripped, checked, repaired, prepared…ready to rock and roll…

Midway through the journey

Painted and ready to receive the shiny bits!

Across the finish line

Polished and proud…Classic & Custom Works

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Should the worst happen to your cherished vehicle, we're here to offer advise, repairs and a shoulder to cry on. 


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